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Network Marketing LeadsWhether you are new to the home business industry or you are a seasoned Network Marketing veteran, you would probably agree that leads are the lifeblood of your business. Let’s face it, without leads, business dries up really fast. With the amount of turnover in the MLM world, you have to continue to bring new people into your business.

The goal of most network marketers is to build a residual income. The idea of making money while you’re on vacation is what brings many people into this business, but in order to earn that residual income you either have to recruit new people (which usually doesn’t happen while you’re on vacation) or keep people around. When your prospect gets excited, joins your business, and then goes MIA within the first 2 weeks (which happens more often than not) it is tough to make that residual income that we all want.

I have one solution that addresses both issues. 

Find the easiest way to attract and recruit new business partners. You’re probably saying, “tell me something that I don’t already know.”

Here is what happens when you master recruiting.

1) You recruit a ton of people into your business (well, duh).

2) If you teach your people how to master recruiting, they don’t quit.

So what is the secret to recruiting? 

First of all, don’t listen to anyone who tells you to make a list of friends and family. Most of them won’t be interested or qualified. More importantly, even if you happen to be ok with recruiting your warm market, the majority of your prospects won’t be. That is why the majority of people don’t ever get into this industry. They don’t want to bug their friends and family at the risk of being labeled “that guy”, and they don’t know of any other way to recruit.

So what’s the answer?

Generate your own MLM leads online. You can take a look at this article to get an a good idea on how to generate your own mlm leads using the internet.

Network marketing lead generation doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore. Rather than chasing after people who have no interest in hearing about your business, let the internet filter out all of the people who aren’t interested and attract all of the people who are. Think about it, if you can get your opportunity in front of people who are actively looking to start their own home based business, don’t you think you have a much better chance of making a connection with them?

It’s time to get with the times, and use technology to your advantage. For more information on how to use the internet to do your recruiting for you, visit

To your success,

Jason Mann

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