Nerium International

Jeff Olson, a reputable personal development trainer and affiliate marketer, is the founder and CEO of Nerium International together with Dennis Winsor. Jeff Olson is best known as the author of The Slight Edge, a bestseller book. Jeff Olson is nicknamed the Millionaire Maker for his talent of helping people to achieve financial success.

He has a strong passion and drive for supporting people in their efforts toward the goals of achieving personal excellence and financial freedom. Jeff Olson gained already experience in the affiliate network industry as the founder of The People’s Network; the largest company specialized in personal development training in the nation. He also has been the CEO of two other companies before taking the helm at one of the most rapidly duplicating skin care giant on the planet.

He is committed to share his success with other home business owners and personal trainers by opening the participation in his affiliate network for any entrepreneur who wants to emulate his model of financial success. He also owns a lawn care and snow removal company in Eau Claire WI. We all know that not all home businesses out there are created equal. Vanessa Canevaro is another blogger I respect a lot on the subject of what makes or breaks a home business. Check out her skin care site to learn more about why she thinks Nerium has the legs for the long haul. There are mediocre companies, good companies, as well as truly bad companies. Learn the difference!

However, is rare to find truly excellent companies. Jeff ensures that this is a truly excellent business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs. Brand Partners and the company provide excellent direct sales opportunities. Being part of their success as a home business owner can really change your life.

The business gathers together a broad team of experienced executives and home office support personnel with a common passion for empowering the Brand Partners success. The executive team of Nerium International has more than 150 years of combined expertise in the affiliate marketing industry.

The founders Dennis Winsor and Jeff Olson come with a vast knowledge in this field and for this reason they knew how to select only the practices and systems that are well proven to work in the industry.

Nerium Compensation Plan

You can take advantage of the business offer either as just a customer or as a business partner. The company’s compensation plan is based upon an affiliate network business model easily to duplicate. This business model is leveraging relationship marketing. The compensation plan pays up to 8 percent commission at Uni- up, depending on your rank, up to 10 generations deep.

Other great perks of the compensation plan are fast start bonuses, Lexus cars, 10 percent personal matching coaching bonuses, and other type of bonuses. Go to this Nerium review by Vanessa to get a WAY more in depth details on this. In order to become a Brand Partner and start your own home business you need to invest in a Brand Partner Launch Kit as little as $99.95.

Even if you are not a business partner but just a customer you can still get your products free for life, if you sponsor personally at least 3 Preferred Customers. Certain conditions apply, your Auto-Delivery Order should be equal or less than the Auto-Delivery Order totals of your sponsored Preferred Customers.


The name of the company comes from the name of a plant, the Nerium oleander. Advanced research on the uses of this plant has proved unique anti-aging properties when applied to the skin.

The results of this research have lead to the creation of the AD skincare line. More than ten years of clinical testing and scientific research by medical professionals and scientists working for the company made possible the formulation of the advanced SkinCare products and NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment. the SkinCare line of products has been developed with great care to safety and quality. NAE-8, the oleander extract contained in the AD has been tested for safety through every phase of production.

The anti-aging night cream based on oleander extract, is proved to have impressive results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving the look of the sun damaged or aging skin, correcting the uneven skin texture, and reducing hyperpigmentation.

From the partnership formed by the Skincare and Nerium Biotech to market the AD product was created. The company has chosen the affiliate network marketing model for their sales in order to be able to remain grounded and focused on research. For the sellers of the products the company is not a supplier but rather their business partner.

The executive team also plans to release a contouring lotion, a brightening cream, and an eye cream.

Exciting things happening for sure!